Eyes & Eyebrows

Eyebrow threading

The eyes and the eyebrows are extremely important facial features that often give away a person’s age. Rejuvenating the eyes and eyebrows can take years off the face and need not require long recuperation periods or great expense.

The youthful eye is surrounded by smooth skin, with no depressed or darkened tear troughs or crow’s feet wrinkles, and has a full reflective area under the lateral brow and a large platform on the upper eyelid. A beautifully arched eyebrow is very attractive in a woman, while a horizontal lower eyebrow makes a man look more powerful. Optimizing these characteristics will allow an individual to look younger, healthier, more alert, and less tired. Whenever possible, all areas around the eye and eyebrow should be cosmetically addressed or treated to achieve maximum results.

The upper third of the face, including the forehead, eyebrows, and eyes, is generally the first area to be affected by the aging process. Beginning in our 30s, intrinsic aging can cause the eyebrows to descend; vertical lines begin to appear between the medial aspects of the eyebrows; horizontal forehead wrinkles become apparent; and there may be lower-lid bags.

  • Eyebrow Tint
  • Eyebrow Shape (Thread / Wax or Tweeze)
  • Eyelash Tint
  • Eyelash Perm inclusive of Eyelash Tint

Waxing & Threading

  • Upper Lip
  • Chin
  • Sides of Face
  • Full Face