Body Spa

body SPA

Health problems due to stress, work pressures etc. are common. Over time, our bodies collect toxins from the food, drinks and air we breathe. These toxins build up in our cells and cause illness and other ailments. More people are suffering from aches and pains, skin irritations, cold and flue, and rheumatism. Also, medical costs are increasing and costs of taking holidays and going to retreats/resorts are exorbitant and time consuming.

As the age old saying goes… “Prevention is better than cure”.

Combine the recuperating effect of the rejuvenating treatments with the anti-stress massage and set on a journey to the world of SPA. This unique line of treatments will intensify your sensations, and bring relief and harmony.

Body Spa

Highly effective treatments for localised silhouette refining, firming, detoxifying, water retention and cellulite

  • Spa Body Scrub
    Using Dead Sea Salt/Herbal Mix (60min)